Why businesses should use a full service marketing company

Savvy Sprout Full Service Marketing TreeIf your business is undergoing change, or is planning on upgrading its brand, stationary or marketing campaigns then you are probably torn between the options of hiring a freelancer, specialised graphic or web design agency, or a full service marketing company. Many businesses base this decision purely on price and more often than not get left with certain branding or design elements that need to be outsourced. In some cases businesses make a big error in judgement and appoint someone within the business to manage marketing and branding to save time and money.


When comparing the available options, it is often the case that freelancers are the cheaper option of them all, while specialised agencies offer highly specialised skills. Both of these options leave you with the dilemma that they both tend to specialise in one area and cannot offer the full range of services and skills that are needed.


When opting for the freelance or specialised agency options you can very easily find yourself running from corner to post to get your requirements met. You may need to get the freelance graphic designer to design your logo, and then deal with a web design company who will do your website, and then an advertising/marketing company to execute advertising/marketing campaigns. Even though the initial price attraction is what leads to this decision, going down this route can very easily end up being costly as you need to dedicate time, effort and resources to manage multiple vendors and ensure brand consistency.


Considering all the above, a full service marketing company is able to handle many different aspects of your design, marketing, advertising, online and branding requirements. Not only is a full service marketing company able to handle all this, they are also able to give you a single point of contact to receive updates, samples and requests. There is no need to deal with multiple people and vendors to coordinate tasks until completion.


What can a full service marketing company offer you?


Range of services

A full service marketing company offers its clients a range of different products and services. When entering a partnership with a full service marketing company you know that you will more than likely not have to go and source the best pricing, or find someone who can fix something that has gone wrong with a freelancer who won’t take your calls.


Expertise and advice

Companies that offer a range of different services are often able to give you advice and apply expertise others simply cannot. They will be able to not only provide you with a website design that is modern, clean, crisp and in line with your brand, but they will also be able to provide you with comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and analytics. This expertise leads to sound advice based on stats and understanding from a single solution provider.


Flexible budgeting

Even if at first freelancing seems like the cheaper option, it is important to look further down the line and consider what a full service marketing company has to offer. Most full service marketing companies have a range of different packages. These packages can range from set packages so you can adjust your budget to customised packages so you can all the services you need at a set price. Opting for this route often gives companies the time to plan and prepare well in advance as they know the time they have available to them and what that time costs, as opposed to per hour billing that leaves in you the dark.


Brand integration and consistency

One of the most important components of marketing is that of brand integration and branding consistency. Your brand is one of your most valuable components and if not looked after can have a detrimental effect on business. Using multiple companies to service you with stationary, collateral, campaigns and online services can very easily lead to mixed messaging and brand inconsistencies. When using a full service marketing company, all your marketing and branding components are kept under one roof – providing you with the integration and consistency your brand needs to thrive.


Time and resource savings

When going down the route of using multiple companies or freelancers for multiple marketing elements, businesses can very quickly find themselves spending a lot of time managing projects and coordinating tasks. This places unnecessary stress on employees who are not specialists, and stand the chance of getting something wrong or missing something, somewhere down the line. Providing businesses with a single point of contact for all things marketing, advertising and branding, a full service marketing company is able to dramatically reduce the amount of internal time and resources required to manage and execute activities. Not only does this improve overall business efficiency, it also improves profitability as employees can focus on growing the business and not on managing multiple vendors.


Considering all of the above, there are obvious benefits to choosing a full service marketing company over alternative options. There are many, many, highly skilled individuals and companies that are able to provide businesses with exceptional skills, but when businesses need more than a single element looked after, then hiring multiple professionals can become tiresome and costly.


Savvy Sprout is a full service marketing company in Cape Town that strives to give business all around the Cape Town area, as well as any part of South Africa, the skills, knowledge and expertise to build profitable brands. We also aim to reduce the burden of managing vendors and individuals to provide businesses with an opportunity improve efficiency and ultimately, profitability.


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