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There are many design elements that make up a complete brand and that give marketing, advertising and sales campaigns the effect required to build brand credibility and increase sales. Cape Town design company, Savvy Sprout, offers businesses of all sizes design services of the highest standard to ensure brand and business growth in ever-increasingly competitive business, branding and marketing landscapes.


Through our web design, graphic design and branding services, we are able to provide Cape Town companies with a design services that promote growth, interaction and loyalty to build a brand that is recognisable and memorable to your target audience.

Cape Town Design Company

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If you are in need of a Cape Town design company then look no further. Savvy Sprout’s professional and experienced design team can cater to all your design needs.

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Design services offered by Cape Town design company, Savvy Sprout

Responsive Website Design

Website Design

When it comes to website design, Cape Town design company, Savvy Sprout, has all the tools, skills and expertise required to develop professional, modern, clean and user-friendly websites that will give you a solid platform for brand growth.


Professional websites are no longer a marketing tool for businesses to consider; instead they have become a necessity and an essential tool for growth and profitability. With the ever increasing availability of internet across the world, more and more people are starting to research companies before reaching out to them to buy their service or product, so not giving prospects the platform to research your products or services may rule your business out. Not have a website, or having a website design that is out of date and not compatible with modern devices will inevitably result in low visitor counts and sales.

Cape Town design company, Savvy Sprout, provides web design solutions that are aimed at giving clients the results they need to grow their brands online. As such, all our designs are built according to strict guidelines to ensure that they meet search engine requirements and user needs.

Graphic Design

The professional and experienced graphic design team at Savvy Sprout provide design pieces that are in line with modern design trends to boost brand visibility and credibility as well as to build customer loyalty with design elements that speak to directly to your target audience.


Ensuring brand integration and creating graphic design elements to bolster your brand is not a once off activity. Building your brand is an on-going activity whereby businesses need to consistently create brand experiences for their audience that are in line with business values and audience needs. Enlisting the skills and expertise of professional graphic designers is the easiest, most efficient and most cost-effective way of increasing the professional image of your business.

Corporate graphic design with Savvy Sprout Graphic Design

The Cape Town design company, Savvy Sprout, strives to be the best in the industry by delivering graphic design products that are according to briefs and exceed client expectations. We are able to manage the entire process from conceptualisation through to production and everything in between to not only provide you with a great final product, but also to remove the stress of having to deal with multiple vendors to finalise design projects.

Savvy Sprout Branding


Your brand is the image of your business and what makes you recognisable among the competition. Corporate branding and re-branding is a design process whereby businesses are given a set of professionally designed elements to use to promote their business, products or services. Without a professional looking brand, you can very easily find your business losing repeat business by not being top-of-mind and memorable to your target audience.


A major part of branding is brand integration. For this reason it is highly recommended that you look at a professional and experienced Cape Town design company, such as Savvy Sprout, to provide you with comprehensive and detailed brand that is uniform and sends the same message – no matter the marketing channel.