Design trends 2015 – what to expect

design trends 2015As with most functions in business, design is dynamic and forever changing. To be able to come up with new, fresh and modern designs, companies need to speak to design companies to get the latest news, developments, and updates such as what we will be providing with our design trends 2015 post. Knowing what’s hot and what’s not will ensure that all work that is being done to promote your businesses services, products and brands are in line with modern best-practices and design standards.

In an effort to shed some light on design trends 2015 for both graphic design and website design, Savvy Sprout has put together a brief overview of the latest updates in these fields. This will hopefully provide some much needed information and clarity on what’s going to be improved upon and what’s still to come in order to make accurate decisions that can contribute to overall business growth in 2015.


What to expect – Graphic design trends 2015


This specific area of graphic design is a very dynamic one in that there are constantly new ideas, applications and developments. As with years before there will once again be a big emphasis on typography. To stand out, designers need to be flexible and creative with alternating type sizes with fonts that are more casual and create a feeling of ease. You can definitely expect to see more of this as a major component of design trends 2015.



With Apple being at the forefront of minimalistic design, this trend will more than likely continue into 2015 and gain increased traction as they year moves along. This design trend focuses on thin lines, use of negative space, simplified iconography, and muted colours.


Flat Design

This area of design has grown at an incredible rate over the last couple of months and is set to become a key design focus for 2015. After 3 of the world’s leading organisations (Microsoft, Google & Apple) applied flat design into their branding components the design world has rapidly followed in their footsteps. This form of design also crosses over into web design to simplify designs and simplify the usability of websites. You can expect that flat design, particularly in web design, will be part of major online design trends 2015.


What to expect – Website design trends 2015


When it comes to content, things will be the same in 2015 as it was in 2014 with even more emphasis likely to be placed on unique, high quality and high demand content. This is one area of web design that will remain a constant in years to come, but with so much content available it is becoming crucial for web designers and webmasters to stay on top of search engine updates to maximise results.


Responsive design

Earlier in 2014 Google announced that it will start experimenting with responsive design as a ranking signal. With the ever increasing number of smartphones and tablets on the market, this area of web design is no doubt going to take up a lot of news space in the year to come. It is all going to come down to the fact that if you are not responsive you may as well not be there.


Ghost buttons

This is a new web design trend that emerged in 2014 that promotes a minimalist and stylish overall web design. With elegant animation, hovering over buttons has never grabbed attention like this before. To see this in action the best example would be to look at Apple’s iOS7 release, which makes extensive use of flat design and ghost buttons. You will also see these buttons spread across our own website.


Grid layouts

This form of web design offers a very structured and logical way of delivering messages. Be it through images, content or video this form of design has endless opportunities and will continue to develop in the coming year to be a growing elements in design trends 2015.


Large background images & videos

2014 was the year where there was a big uptake in the use of high quality images and videos to increase the visual experience of visitors. This is not only likely to continue in 2015, but improve and be seen in more and more websites. Along with the use of large and beautiful images and videos will come the need to efficiently optimise images for best results. Responsive resizing will be a major focus as visitors do not want to view squeezed, cropped or pixelated images on different devices. Over and above resizing, companies need to ensure that all images are search engine optimised. This will be a very important element moving forward and forms part of the vital design trends 2015.


Graphic and web design trends come and go, but there are many fundamentals that still remain. The bases of all good designs are adhering to foundations because without a strong foundation all these trends will be useless. If you feel differently about any of these trends, or would like to have you say on what your design trends 2015 are, then please leave us a comment.


Savvy Sprout is a Cape Town design company that strives to give businesses the branding experience they need to grow without the cost and time associated with many large scale design agencies. With our eyes always on the latest news topics you can rest assured that working with Savvy Sprout will leave you not only satisfied, but also with a finished product that you can be proud of and build your business on. If you would like to find out more about Savvy Sprout and the range of services we offer please browse through our website or get hold of us and we will get back to you.


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