Does product packaging design influence buying habits?

How design, look and feel of your product packaging can hinder or boost sales


With so many different products out there, many of them the same, how do you decide which one to pick? Does product and packaging design influence the success of a product line and overall sales?


Package design influences first impressions

A well-known fact is that first impressions last and scarily only take 7 seconds to form, and it is no different when it comes to the design and impression of your product packaging. Your product or packaging design is your brand’s promise to deliver a product or service of the highest standard. The packaging design is representative of your brand and all elements and functions that are associated with your brand.


A well designed product wrapper will make you identifiable

A well designed product is effective in helping consumers conveniently find a product with ease – making sure that they do not select a competing product. One way to retain customers is by highlighting an icon that represents your business and brand. People find it easier to identify an icon that they can associate with pleasant experiences and icons also evoke emotional responses as they are very quickly and easily identifiable.


Attractive designs increase interaction time with your product

Have you ever found yourself starring at an unattractive package design? More than likely you have not as well designed and attractive product packaging draws consumers’ attention and increases interaction time with your product whilst making decisions.


Graphic design as an integral part of product design success

Many businesses around the world are unaware of the impact product design can have on their overall sales numbers. Not being in touch with the needs and trends of your target audience can result in your packaging, and ultimately your brand, being outdated and out of touch with the needs of your consumers. In order for this to not happen it is crucial to enlist the services of a graphic designer or graphic agency to ensure that your brand is, and stays, up to scratch. Professionals involved in graphic design have an incredible ability to rejuvenate brands, designs and products in line with market trends, so for this reason it is highly recommended that you turn to professionals when setting up a product, maintaining a product range or trying to revive a struggling product or brand.


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