What is email media marketing and why do you need it?

Email Media MarketingBusiness branding can be a tricky task at the best of times. As times get tougher, competition increases and price wars are rife and standing out from your competitors becomes a vital component to the success of your brand and business.


One way in which you can get your business to stand out and encourage interaction from the get-go is through email media marketing. It has long been said that email is dead. To an extent this is very true, but the facts remain that email is the most used business communication tool available. As a starting point to the rest of this article you need to ask yourself this question – how many emails do you send on a daily basis and do you promote anything through that interaction?


What is email media marketing?

Email media marketing is a unique platform that can be used to send targeted messages to a specific target audience. You might be thinking that this is the same as adding a banner with a link, but you are mistaken. Email media marketing offers so much more. With the ability to group employees and assign messages to specific groups you are able to speak directly to a specific segment of your target audience and not apply a blanket message that mat get lost with majority of your interactions. Over and above that, email media marketing has integrated analytics and CRM capabilities that give you insights into behaviours to better plan for future activities.


Why you should have branded email in your business with email media marketing?

When entrepreneurs start a business their main concern may be getting enough clients to cover costs and create a stable platform for future growth, which is no doubt an extremely important part of growing. However, many new business owners focus solely on this, which leaves them with a client base that becomes loyal to a person and not a brand. The most effective way in which small businesses can grow their operations is through comprehensive and integrated branding. One of the ways to establish an integrated brand and bring across messages is through email media marketing. This marketing method allows businesses to take full advantage of first impressions and create a feeling of trust as well as portray the importance of a long-term focus on building the brand.


Since your company website is essentially operating as your company’s primary digital branding hub, using branded email adds weight to it. People you correspond with might benefit from being reminded that your website exists – and being reminded where to find it. Often, the easiest way for your satisfied customers to refer friends to you is to simply forward a recent email from you, so that your contact information appears in the friend’s inbox. In these cases, the new prospect might have a harder time finding your website if your email has little to no information or no call-to-action.


What are the benefits of email media marketing?


Drive traffic to designated areas

With email media marketing you are able to decide what information you want specific segments of your target audience to see. You can them drive traffic to those landing pages to give them highly specific information. You can also drive traffic to your home page or any other section of your website.


Drive more sales

Using email media marketing as a marketing platform allows you to promote newly launched products or and sales you might be running. You are also able to promote online specials by driving traffic to a specific landing page that is optimised for conversion, which you will be able to keep track of. You are also able to building real time click alerts as well as in-depth analytics to make sure you get the most out of your email marketing messaging and interactions.


Dynamic, interactive marketing

When you decide to use email media marketing as a platform you are essentially employing a digital marketing resource as the fraction of the cost of a real employee. You are able to send highly target messages to a very specific and segmented audience and rotate messages based on interactions so that you can encourage multiple actions with a single recipient.


PR Promotion

Sometimes getting your important news, updates or promotions seen or heard can be tough. Email media marketing helps businesses with their PR activities by highlighting any news a business wants visibility on with links back to the original PR piece. Over and above that you are able to link you messages to videos or specific galleries to avoid visitors having to look for the information you are talking about.


Email media marketing facts:

  • 85% of all business correspondence occurs via email yet businesses allocate their full marketing spend to the other 15%.
  • Each employee sends on average 13 200 emails in a year, which is time spent not marketing the company, products or services on offer.
  • 500 – Hours spent by staff sending and receiving email per year, which is time spent communicating, but not marketing.


Savvy Sprout is a specialist marketing and design company that focuses on giving businesses of all sizes the complete branding experience. With skills and expertise is all areas of modern marketing, we are able to provide you with a selection of products and services that will no doubt leave you with a brand that is trusted, reliable and recognisable.


One of the products on offer by Savvy Sprout is email media marketing. As a branding foundation, we understand the importance of creating first impressions that last. For this reason we create email media that not only compliments your business and brand, but also messages that encourage interaction and build trust.


If you would like to find out more about email media marketing, how it could apply to your industry as well as pricing then please feel free to contact us or complete our contact form.


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