Email Media Marketing

Bring your email to life and increase your reach with email media marketing

Email Media Marketing

Since 2002 email media marketing has been helping clients across the world achieve their business objectives and deliver a clear return on investment by using this marketing channel. Businesses make use of this marketing platform to transform their employee communications by centrally controlling and targeting marketing and sales messages, with relevant marketing reach, and provide customer relationship management (CRM) and data intelligence – providing clients with a 360 degree approach to email communication.


As a user of email, and/or a person with a positions that oversees other, take a moment to think about all the individual emails that are being send out by you and all the employees in the business that are going to customers, suppliers and prospects. Research currently shows that 92% of businesses around the world use email as their primary means of communication when interacting with clients. A company that employs around 150 employees would typically send 150,000 emails a day, which equates to an annual total of 1.8 million emails. That is a massive opportunity to send messages that are targeted, relevant and branded that you are not utilising if you don’t have email media marketing in place.


Email Media Marketing Analytics


Email media marketing offers businesses and individuals a unique way in which to leverage email as a marketing tool and turn it into one of your most valuable marketing assets. If you currently have some form of email signature or banner, then that is a good enough start, but now it’s time to step up and send targeted messages that are traceable to grow your reach and impact.


Unlike many branding tools out on the market that caters purely towards email signatures, banners, or disclaimers, email media marketing also offers in-depth CRM and analytics capabilities that drive results and promote action that results in:

  • Increased online revenue
  • Increased website traffic
  • Improved and integrated CRM


Do you need to better utilize your email?

Do your emails serve only as emails and not as a marketing tool? If this is you…

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Achieve your marketing goals by using a comprehensive email media marketing solution

Drive traffic to your website

Find out how effective RocketSeed is at increasing traffic to your website by including promotions in the emails you send every day.

Integrate Social Media

Emails with RocketSeed and social media go hand in hand. Find out how you can integrate Facebook, Twitter and more in to your emails.

Build Your Database

Automatically add new prospects and customers to your database with Rocketseed.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Customer service is more than just making sure that your clients are well looked after. With RocketSeed, your emails can help you gain customer feedback, encourage positive reviews and deal with issues before they become public.

Increase lead generation and sales

Cross promotions, sales drives, and up-selling are all possible with RocketSeed.

Achieve Consistent Branding

A good business card, a nice letterhead, a great website – now make sure your emails are consistent with your rest of your marketing collateral with the help of RocketSeed.

Make Your Email Mobile

Mobiles, smartphone and tablets are now the preferred communication device for many people. RocketSeed ensures the emails you send are as effective on a mobile device as they are on a computer.

Increase face time

Mobiles, smartphone and tablets are now the preferred communication device for many people. RocketSeed ensures the emails you send are as effective on a mobile device as they are on a computer.

Email media marketing ensures consistently across your business


Every customer, prospect, and supplier touch point contributes to the over perception of your brand. The image that you present to them when communicating is vital the experience you provide them with and is, therefore, essential to control that image. Email media marketing gives you the ability to create, design, and manage email signatures and other email media related messages that look professional, effectively promote your business and are centrally managed.

When you sign up for email media marketing your email signature will be:

  • Compatible with all major email clients
  • Dynamic signature fields
  • Personalised disclaimers
  • Consistent between desktop and mobile
  • Tamper-Proof
  • Scheduling
  • Optionally sync with Active Directory
  • Upgrade to email media at any time

The signature manager in our email media marketing software guarantees that email signatures comply with corporate standards and that both your senders’ contact details and your brand are displayed at all times – even on a mobile. Email signatures can contain your corporate logo, the sender’s photograph and other graphic elements along with complete control of fonts and colours.


This email media platform also ensures that your emails are always compliant with legislation and follow best practice for emails in business. The disclaimer software will ensure that you legally disclaim all company emails. Each message can include dynamic proof of sender, receiver, date and time. It also allows you to apply different disclaimers for groups or departments within your company.