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Have you ever heard the term “Full Service Marketing” and wondered what it means? If so, then you are not alone. A full service marketing company has the ability to handle all aspects of your marketing campaigns so that you don’t need to worry about the finer details. The aspects of your marketing campaigns that are covered by a full service marketing company, like Savvy Sprout, include strategic planning, creative graphic design, production of marketing materials, and online marketing.

One of the major benefits of working with a full service marketing company is that there is no need for you to look for quotes, chase payments or inquire about production with outside vendors, or deal with multiple third party product or service providers. For this reason a full service marketing company affords you the opportunity to have all your needs met by using a single company who will execute all marketing needs to ensure that your marketing campaigns are carried out timeously and with ease.

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Why should you consider Full Service Marketing for your business?

Unless your business is extremely unique, then you would know that time is money and wasted time is wasted money. Wasted time comes in many shapes and sizes – some of which are wasting time trying to conceptualize ideas, putting ideas into practice, liaising with multiple vendors and constant back and forth with teams to get marketing ideas and campaigns out to your target audience.

Taking on a marketing partner, with Full Service Marketing skills and capabilities, gives you more time to focus on what is most important – running your business. Here at Savvy Sprout be believe that to maximize your ROI on marketing you need to make clever use of time and resources to bring across your message in the most cost-effective and memorable way possible.

A full service marketing company will be able to help you realise those goals by becoming a trusted adviser with many years of industry knowledge and practice. Full service marketing companies have the ability to transform ideas into reality in a fraction of the time it would take in-house resources to. Not only will these companies have quick turn-around times, they will also be able to cross-pollinate ideas from various other companies to ensure uniqueness in all your activities.

Elements included in full service marketing that makes it so successful:

Marketing Strategy

Full service marketing makes sure that your marketing strategy is compiled based on accurate data and gives you the tools and channels to execute plans and meet expectations.

Creative Design

Your brand is your business and through brand engineering, concept development, graphic design and studio work, full service marketing can help you gain market traction.

Marketing Data

Campaign execution isn’t good enough. You need the data from full service marketing to analyse successes and failures to make accurate and informed marketing decisions in the future.

Marketing Channels

Printing, social media, direct mail and email, online display, and websites are some of the marketing channels that are used in full service marketing to make your marketing campaigns succeed.

Interactive Marketing

Website design, email marketing, organic search marketing, social media marketing and paid search marketing are full service marketing elements that are used to give your brand a personality and the ‘feeling’ of success.

Printing & Production

Printing, email personalization, website design and hosting, lead qualification and distribution are all production elements involved in full service marketing that lead to increased efficiency by not having to coordinate with multiple vendors.

Campaign Analytics

Full service marketing companies put campaign successes into perspective through simple or comprehensive reporting, analytics and feedback to analyse campaigns based on actual data to remove guesswork from future campaigns.

Brand Consistency

Ensure that your brand messaging and creative design is consistent and reinforces your company’s vision through full service marketing practices that enforce integration of all marketing elements.

Some benefits of working with a full service marketing company:

Maintain a consistent brand

Your company’s brand is the the most important asset you have. Sending out the wrong message, or displaying inconsistent messaging or badly designed materials can be disastrous to the longevity of your brand. By using a full service marketing company you can rest assured that your brand will be taken care of. By keeping all your marketing elements together with one company you eliminate the need to source multiple vendors for multiple elements of your marketing campaign – reducing the possibility for brand distortion and mixed messaging.

It is cost and time effective

Time is money and saving your time, or your employees’ time, is going to save you money. Instead of using a graphic designer from one company, trying to find a high quality and affordable printer, using an independent web designer with separate SEO company that you or someone in your business needs to coordinate, enlisting the services of a full service marketing company will free up all this time spent on coordinating tasks by using years of experience and relationship building to get you the best deal for your campaign.

Experience and advice

If you are using multiple vendors and service providers for your different marketing activities then you might find yourself being pulled into many different directions when it comes to getting advice when you need it. Unlike companies that specialize in certain areas, full service marketing companies have all-round experience and expertise. By not having to only focus on one or two services, a full service marketing company won’t have a need to recommend services that are not needed for your business or marketing campaign.