Graphic design and your business

You might have found yourself thinking “why would my business need graphic design?” or what is the relationship between graphic design and your business. This is not an uncommon thought as a lot of business owners do not have branding strategies in place that require graphic design. Although this is the cheap option that requires little to no effort, you need to have a good look at the impact it has on your business and brand perception.


Graphic design and your business incorporates the branding of your business and is what forms people’s perceptions. If you are not putting out modern, clean, accurate and attractive brand signals then you can expect to pay dearly for this in the future. With the ever increasing reliance people have on online marketing channels to get the information they need about products, services, or companies your business needs to ensure that it matches or surpasses the branding and messaging that competitors are putting out into the marketplace.


If you need some motivation to start considering graphic design as an integral part of your brand strategy and marketing budget then take a look at some of the main reasons why your business will benefit from the services included in graphic design.


Why your business needs graphic design


You are just too busy

Small business owners and business owners in general have very little spare time to concentrate on ‘smaller’ projects within the business. Graphic designers are able to make your vision a reality and provide you with collateral and branding elements that you would never have been able to complete with the time you have available. By timeously publishing visually appealing materials to your target audience with the use of a graphic design you are able to make the most out of the valuable ‘free’ time you have available.


You need to make your business stand out, not blend in

Have you ever used a business for a service, or purchased a product, and found yourself trying to remember who the company was? If so, you need to apply that thinking to your own business. By doing what all your competitors are doing, having the same look and feel, and not have any uniqueness to your brand your business is just going to blend into the marketing – losing you valuable return business. You need to create marketing, promotional, sales, and product materials as unique and memorable as possible to ensure you stand out from the crowd. You might be thinking “how do I do that?” and the answer is by using graphic designers. Graphic designers are extremely creative individuals that think in a way you don’t – giving your brand the opportunity it needs to be unique and stand out.


Less frustration for you and the business

If you have tried DIY graphic design then you can relate to the frustration in getting branding elements in the correct sizes and formats to use in your marketing and product materials. If you sent a marketing document to the printers and received the proof, or the finished product, with mistakes then it is going to cost you more in time and effort to correct it than if you used a graphic designer. Graphic designers are experienced in all avenues of production and will be able to source you the best quality at the best price and rectify and problems in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to – dramatically reducing the amount of frustration on you and your team.


Graphic designers create marketing and sales collateral that strengthens and promotes your brand

Are you proud of giving out your business card, sending an email with your signature, handing out your company profile or product brochure? Do these elements stand out and accurately portray your brand values and business propositions? The skills and expertise of graphic designers give your business, marketing, and sales materials a cutting edge, clean, and modern look to promote pride in your brand.


Achieve brand consistency with graphic design

Are all elements of your marketing mix sending the same signals, messages and values? Does your business card, website and product brochure have a uniform look that promotes brand integration? If you are using different logos, fonts, colours, messages and values it is going to be very difficult to come across as professional and trustworthy. Graphic designers have an uncanny ability to consider your brand bigger picture and create elements in unison to ensure that you have the brand consistency that promotes trust and professionalism.


It costs more to not use graphic design services

If you are using your own time to put together your branding elements then you need to way up the costs. Consider what you can achieve in two hours and what a graphic design can. Then, work out your hourly cost plus the extra time it will take you to complete a project and the benefits of hiring a graphic designer will be more than obvious.


If any of the above points resonate with you and you have come to terms with the value graphic design services can bring to your business then you need to speak to Savvy Sprout to see how we can help your business get the integrated, unique and professional brand you need for future growth.



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