Graphic design creates a powerful and professional brand

Take a look at how our graphic design services can improve the look of your brand

Graphic Design by Savvy Sprout

Graphic design is used to create visually appealing marketing campaigns

From consultation to implementation, Savvy Sprout’s graphic design team is dedicated to giving your business the recognition it deserves. Enthusiastic and passionate about the inseparable relationship between business and branding, our graphic design team understands that your brand is the DNA of your business. Our graphic design and layout artists specialise in all aspects of design including website design, design for print, graphic design, business stationery, corporate (re) branding, flyers, school stationary and yearbook design, and more.

Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your business. Make sure you enlist Savvy Sprout’s graphic design services to get a clean, crisp, and fitting logo that compliments your business and instills confidence and trust in your brand.

Business Card Design

Leave a lasting impression with professional business card designs that are memorable and clear. Making use of graphic design services ensure brand consistency and promote positive brand impressions.

Email Signature Design

Promote your logo and corporate branding through your electronic mediums to ensure that your business is always top-of-mind and that customers and prospects always have access to up-to-date business information.

To ensure you brand is created with growth, trust and consistency in mind you need to make sure that you enlist graphic design services from qualified professionals who will be able to grow with your business. Highly skilled graphic designers are able to not only provide you with world class designs, they are also able to advise and give insights into what your brand needs to succeed in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

Corporate Folders

Corporate folders are usually A4 size depicting all the important information about your business and allows for additional marketing collateral to be added inside. Corporate folders are a great marketing and sales aid and if designed properly can have far-reaching benefits.

Brochure Design

How do you sell when you are not with your prospects? That is a question every business owner needs to ask. Having the correct tools at hand makes this a lot easier by having a brochure that is well designed, laid out, and printed to resemble the quality of the products or services you offer.

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Banner Advertising

Online marketing is a rapidly expanding element of the marketing mix. Banner advertising on websites and news portals require graphic design services to encourage interaction and improve click-through-rates.

Menu Design

If you run a restaurant, bar, or any other service that requires a menu then you understand its importance. Our graphic design services are geared towards giving you a menu design that compliments your brand.

Outdoor Advertising

Your investment in outdoor advertising  needs professional graphic design to accurately portray your message and visually stimulate by-passers. Your campaign success relies on how your advertisement is designed.

Store Branding

The inside and outside design of your store plays a major role in people entering your store and purchasing. Store branding, if done properly, can greatly improve your brand image as well as profitability.

Your business, product or service cannot be the same as all the other businesses, products or services out in the market. You need to be able to give your customers a reason to stay with you and prospects to buy form you. Your businesses branding, corporate image, collateral and stationary all need to show how you are different. To achieve this you need graphic design services of the highest standards to get your professional designs to trump what your competitors are doing.

Notepad Design

Make note-taking a pleasure with will designed notepads to use in sales, company or prospect meetings. By using graphic design service from Savvy Sprout you will have a product that is both practical and attractive.


Boast your professionalism with high quality and well-designed company letterheads for all your official business documentation and letters. A minimalistic and practical design by Savvy Sprout is what your business needs.

Poster Design

Graphic design services allows you to promote your latest products or special offers on posters that are striking, enticing, encouraging and that send your desired message accurately to your target audience.

Cover Design

Procuring the graphic design services of Savvy Sprout allows you to create high quality cover designs that you can use for training manuals, sales documents, booklets, internal documentation, or company reports.