Marketing your business with your blog

A couple of years ago small business owners got asked an increasingly common question – “do you have a website or plan to have a blog?” Moving a couple yours forward into the digital age, the questions have shifted from “do you have a website or blog?” to “how can you not have a website or blog?” With the increase in digital knowledge and internet accessibility, business websites and content have become a vital part of modern-day marketing.


Marketing your business with a blog requires discipline, gathering information, research, and writing in order to have the desired effect on your target audience. If you do not have the dedication and time to create valuable content for your website then you should consider a full service marketing package. Services that are included in full service marketing packages include the creation of content, the updating of your website blog, and social media channels to effectively deliver your message to your target audience without you having to coordinate and generate information that will be valuable to your readers.


A businesses blog offers many benefits if done correctly. Below are a few benefits of a well-run blog:

  • Your blog can position you as an industry expert by providing valuable industry information and insights.
  • Compared to other marketing and PR activities your businesses blog is low-cost and if done correctly can delivery great return on your investment.
  • A business blog is a great way to instantly distribute company or industry news to your prospects and customers by integrating it with various social media marketing channels.
  • Your blog creates an opportunity for you to create a community of readers, followers and contributors.
  • Extending the community features of your blog allows your website to become interactive by allowing comments – giving you the opportunity to interact with your readers by having ‘one-on-one’ conversations.
  • Create value with your blog through return visits from customers and prospects to take in your valuable insights and information. This will ultimately lead to increased conversion rates as the value of your blog provides insight into the value of your product or service.


Even though your blog is a business tool it is important to make it friendly, light, and fun so that you can encourage conversations, relationships, and ultimately profit.


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