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With the ever increasing reliance on, and use of, digital marketing as a lead generation and branding tool in the modern marketing mix, comes the need to extract meaningful marketing analytics. With the increase in expenditure, resources, and time, management teams from businesses around the world are demanding that marketing departments justify the investment in digital.


Marketing analytics consists of a data that is extracted using certain processes and technologies to provide marketers and marketing teams with the insights and successes of digital marketing campaigns. Analytics data that is extracted is used by marketing and management teams to make accurate decisions based on historical data, present information and future recommendations. To make accurate decisions a certain amount of data is needed to prove successes, justify future campaigns, and measure overall performance. Marketing analytics such as web, seo, social, email, lead tracking, and more, are some of the elements taken into consideration when dealing with marketing analytics.

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Marketing analytics can be tough

At Savvy Sprout we know how much time and effort goes into extracting this kind of data. Not only do we appreciate the effort it takes, we also understand the value of these insights as well as the pressure marketing teams receive from management to provide evidence to prove the success or failure of marketing activities. For this reason, Savvy Sprout provides marketing analytics as a service to companies that need insights and data, but do not have the time, resources or expertise.

Marketing Analytics - Email Marketing

Marketing Analytics - Social Media

What are the benefits of marketing analytics?

Marketing analytics increases ROI

As with any marketing campaign or activity, ROI often takes centre stage. It is up to marketing departments to justify budgets and spend. When marketing departments are responsible for their own marketing analytics, strain is often placed on teams, which in turn leads to inefficiencies and increased costs. Enlisting the services of a marketing company to extract and compile your data can save your business time and money. They are also able to provide valuable insights based on data output and can provide valuable recommendations.

Accurate decision making

Making educated and accurate marketing decisions are very difficult when there is little to no data to facilitate decision making or back up decisions that have been made. Analysing data from marketing analysis provides marketing and management with the information they need to make key business and marketing decisions. Without access to such information marketing campaigns adopt a trial and error approach as opposed to a much more cost effective approach whereby marketing campaigns are built on past and present marketing analytics.

Learn and improve

Marketing analytics gives both marketing and management teams the opportunity to learn more about the businesses marketing efficiency as well as improve on identified areas that need attention.  The data provides these teams with all the knowledge they need to know what worked, what didn’t work, what areas need improvement, and what areas are succeeding. Learning from previous mistakes and improving on successful activities is when your business starts to become profitable. This is achieved by spending less time, effort and money on activities that do not deliver results.

What to do with marketing analytics data

Having access to marketing analytics data is a great resource for your business. However, this data is only valuable if it is used, analysed and acted upon. Marketing analytics should not be seen as a resource to satisfy management’s needs and requirements or to justify time and money spent on activities and campaigns. Instead, this data should be used to improve your and your teams overall marketing performance and efficiency.

Online Marketing - Social Media Marketing

Social Media Analytics

Marketing analytics is a comprehensive and extremely detailed reporting activity that includes a number of different analytics elements. One of those elements is social media analytics that focuses on providing insights and reports on activities that have takes place across a number of different social platforms. Social media can be an extremely difficult marketing activity to track and report on, but with the expert skills and tools at hand, the Savvy Sprout team is able to provide you with all the social media analytics you need to make informed social media decisions.

SEO Analytics

SEO Analytics

SEO analytics as part of the broader marketing analytics activities focuses specifically on search engine optimisation and how certain elements of your website are performing. SEO analytics is vital to the overall success of any and all marketing campaigns and activities as it delivers results and insights into what is working and what’s not. Without SEO analytics decision makers and marketing teams are making decisions without any knowledge of visitor behavior or keyword performance, which could result in a lot of wasted time and effort by spending time on under-performing areas.