Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are many off-page search engine optimisation factors that influence your SEO success

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as a standard online practice that your business should be practicing includes a couple of key components that need to be covered in order for it to render benefits to your website and get your website ranking high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). One major element of search engine optimisation is off-page search engine optimisation, which refers to SEO factors outside your website and out of your immediate control that influence your websites credibility, ranking and quality score. Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation is different to on-page Search Engine Optimisation in that it aims to increase your brand credibility, share website content and become social to increase website traffic through your visitors and online community.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation

You may have heard of link-building strategies and how businesses spend a lot of time on this. It is important to note that modern day Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation is not link-building, but instead is a promotion based practice that is used to promote your website in a natural way using online platforms. Off-page search engine optimisation is one way in which search engines determine the popularity and quality of your website by looking into elements such as high quality references (links) from other websites, social media interactions and high quality content distribution. This is very different to link-building as the focus is on sharing quality information and receiving quality links in return – not only the amount of inbound links your website has.

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Key elements in off-page search engine optimisation

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing through social networking sites is growing on a daily basis and using social media channels to build and engage with your online community is a very important component in off-page SEO. References such as social media mentions, content sharing and interactions are elements that contribute to the online reputation of your website/business. By utlising the power of social media channels you not only gain some off-page search engine optmisation benefits, but you also increase your brand awareness and credibility.


Blogs and Articles

This mostly forms part of SEO optimised content, but when the distribution, sharing and interaction of high quality content takes place it contributes tp off-page search engine optimisation. Compiling regular and high quality blog posts, articles and press releases allows you to share your website content in a credible and newsworthy way that encourages interaction and enhances readership. When high quality and informative content is published onto online platforms outside of your website, readers feel enticed to share this with their following.


Forums and Discussions

Besides gaining valuable industry knowledge and insight, signing up for online forums and discussions can add to your off-page search engine optimisation. By finding, following and commenting on forums that are relevant to your website and business, you can help both people and search engines get to your website to see what information you have to offer. If you are creating content that is targeted and informative then visitors from forums and discussions can become content distributors by sharing your valuable information with their communities.

Local Directories

Listing your business and website on local directories has benefits that reach beyond off-page search engine optimsiation. By listing your business in a local directly you are aiding local searches by providing search results that are relevant and within reach. When signing up for local directories it is important to not add a general listing as your listing might get lost in the clutter. Look for niche listings and make sure that you link certain key words back to your website (anchor text) to benefit from off-page SEO as well as increase traffic to your website

Comprehensive SEO practices

When it comes to the success of your website through SEO practices then it is important to remember that off-page search engine optimisation is just as important as on-page search engine optimisation, optimised content and keyword targeting. When done in isolation there are little to no benefits, so it is important that you cover all the critical SEO components when trying to increase your listings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It may also be worth enlisting the skills and expertise of marketing professionals such as Savvy Sprout to get your off-page SEO up to scratch.