Paid Search Marketing

Get your business visible with paid search marketing

Paid Search Marketing is also known as PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, CPC (cost-per-click) marketing, and many others. It is a search marketing activity whereby you advertise on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) or partner websites by paying each time your advertisement is clicked on (CPC) or each time your advertisement is displayed (cost-per-impression, also known as CPM).

Why use Paid Search Marketing?

The most obvious reason for your business to make use of paid search marketing is that your product, service, or company listing will appear at the top of SERPs. With 75% of online browsers not going past the first page of search results it is vital that you get your results on the first page by either having strong organic search results or embarking on paid search marketing campaigns.

Paid Search Marketing campaigns are also very quick and easy to set up, maintain, or change. Your setup and any changes also reflect immediately so you don’t need to wait for your changes to take effect.

Tracking your campaign results are easy with paid search marketing campaigns. You no longer need to place advertisements and hope you get the desired results as you can track and amend search advertisements as you want. Along with tracking your campaigns successes is the ability for your paid search marketing ads to be highly targeted. You can schedule your ads to appear during certain times of the day and in certain locations – giving you increased control over your advert placements.

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Paid Search Marketing Results

If you look through the search advertising image to the left you can clearly see what search results are advertised results, and what results are organic search results. As you can see in the image the results with the little yellow tags next to them are the paid search results. The result at the very top of the page is the most expensive result and goes to the business that is prepared to pay the highest CPC.

What is CPM and CPC?

Cost-per-click (CPC) is an activity that gets your listing shown on SERPs and you pay the search engine for each click on your advertisements. You can control your spend on CPC by setting daily budgets.

Cost-per-impression (CPM) is an activity that gets your listing shown on SERPs and you pay the search engine for every 1000 times your advertisement appears on search results. Your advertisement doesn’t need to be clicked on – it works purely on your advertisement being displayed.