Aloe Rock Technologies Corporate Branding by Savvy Sprout

Aloe Rock is a technology company that works with software solution partners (SSP’s) and VAR’s to deliver the very best global software solutions for SAP Business One and other enterprise resource planning systems. They offer comprehensive industry specific solutions incorporate end-to-end best practice for retail, clothing, footwear, production, and project-driven businesses.


Aloe Rock was looking for a corporate branding and website design partner to get the business off the ground and memorable with its target audience. They main goal of the Aloe Rock Technologies corporate branding campaign was brand consistency so that no matter the point of contact the brand send the same message.


“Savvy Sprout went above and beyond to assist in getting all I needed. Not only did they get everything done, they assisted in pretty much getting my entire marketing collateral delivered to my door in a very tight timeline and everything was as promised in terms of look and feel.


After the initial brief of what I was after, they provided me with some options and of course some guidance of the different areas including my website, brochures, business cards etc. When the time came to make a decision I was making decisions on my entire brand and not just individual elements as they supplied me with the full range of branding in one go. After that a delivery date with constant communication was the key to providing exactly what I needed and was delivered,” says Craig Blumberg from Aloe Rock Technologies.

As with most of our clients, the time needed to get online marketing and corporate branding activities on the go and completed can be daunting. Having the knowledge and experience to guide our clients through the process and provide valuable recommendations and insight is vital to the success of our projects. Blumberg elaborates: “Savvy Sprout actually knew much more than I even thought of. They provided me with concepts and many useful tricks and tools to assist which I saw as a real value-add.”


“The consistency of both the team and the entire communication I was given was really something you don’t see every day. They assisted in providing me a service that was professional and at no point did I ever feel I had to push or ask twice things just got done and done well. They went out of their way on numerous occasions to ensure I had what was needed for events that were last minute and nothing was ever a hassle they were only glad to help. If you looking for a professional team that delivers a top quality service then I would use Savvy Sprout,” concludes Blumberg.

Savvy Sprout was a pleasure to deal with for the Aloe Rock Technologies corporate branding, from my corporate identity through to website and assisting in Aloe Rock’s marketing strategy. I can honestly say that it was a breeze, the team was insightful, guided me through the process and most importantly delivered all that was needed. The value add is the continuous monitoring of my companies strategy and assistance I obtain with a friendly and very professional nature. I highly recommend Savvy Sprout as your all in one full service marketing partner.

Craig Blumberg

Director, Aloe Rock Technologies