Safezone Africa Corporate Branding

Savvy Sprout gave Safezone Africa all the brand elements they needed for growth


Safezone Africa is a specialist flame-proofing supplier and applicator provider in South Africa. Their industry leading flame-proofing technology offers a powerful flame-proofing solution which, when applied to any material that is able to absorb it, retards those materials ability to support flame to a point where combustion is completely prevented. Over and above flame-proofing, they also have hygiene control solutions on offer to prevent bug infestations and many other related services.


Safezone Africa approached Savvy Sprout in an attempt to get a corporate brand that accurately portrayed their values, services and products. They also needed a brand that would be easily associated with their offering and Savvy Sprout was able to give them everything they needed and more. Chris Diedericks, Director of Safezone Africa says, “I wanted to be able to show our corporate and unique business and brand via our website.  After our initial consultation, the Savvy Sprout team quickly understood what it is that we provide and needed to present and treated the project with excellent customer privacy and expert, professional advice.”


In order for Safezone Africa to get a brand that would give their business a platform for growth they needed to launch their business with credible designs. They needed everything a company needs to create a strong brand, which included a company logo, business cards, email signatures, brochures, folders, letterheads, flyers and of course a website.

Safezone Folder Graphic Design
Safezone Africa Folder Design

I am already very impressed with the current results and we are still on the way to the end result. It has been a pleasure to work with / make use of the services of a company that has many different options and different designs available. They are also very knowledgeable and know what to present to the client in order to simplify the process of decision making on designs, layout, etc.

Chris Diedericks

Director, Safezone Africa