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In order for your website to get the results it requires to be show up high on search results and be successful there are a number of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques that need to be applied. Gaining experience on these techniques and knowing what’s required from website owners to get results can be a daunting task with all the algorithm updates that search engines publish to increase the quality of search results. Over and above the knowledge required to satisfy search engines’ requirements comes the need to be able to extract data and compile them into useful SEO analytics reports.

Search alogorithm updates in SEO analytics

What is SEO Analytics and why do you need it?

Putting together a great website that users enjoy and return to are a must, but without your website being found you will be losing a lot of traffic. Search engine optimisation is a vital component to the overall success of your website and can be the difference between online success and failure. When you consider how much time and effort is going into the success of your website and SEO, it becomes clear that not having access to in-depth seo analytics can render all your efforts useless.


SEO analytics is the process of collecting a number of different key data points from your website, social channels and external websites to gain insights into performance to make future decisions and base future campaigns on. Without SEO analytics you can very easily find yourself spending a lot of time and effort in areas that do not render results or that your target audience is not interested in.

SEO Analytics

To effectively gather all the information that is required to make SEO analytics worthwhile you need a combination of analytics tools, lots of experience and a great understanding of the SEO environment. Many companies insist that website design, SEO and SEO analytics be kept in-house, but when comprehensive cost and skills analysis is done, it more often than not shows that enlisting the skills of experts are both cost and time effective.

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What can you expect to see in SEO analytics reports?

Search engine algorithm updates

Search engine algorithm updatesAn extremely important and often under-reported item in SEO analytics is that of search engine algorithm updates. Search engines update their search algorithms on a regular basis to improve search results to deliver a better and more accurate user experience. Each of these updates include a number of updates to ranking signals that can positively or negatively impact your search results. Your results may also be unchanged, but without accurate tracking and reporting of these updates, you will never know if your website has benefited or been penalised.

Traffic overview

Traffic overviewA major point of analysis in SEO analytics is that of traffic. It is important to track your web traffic to pick up on any trends, improvements or declines so that they can be utilised or improved to maximise returns. Monitoring traffic carefully during specific marketing or advertising campaigns will also give insights into what’s working and what’s not. There are a number of different traffic elements that should be included in SEO reports and some include search, paid, organic, referral, direct, email and social traffic.


DevicesGone are the days that people only searched for information on PC’s. With the rise of the digital era and constant evolution of digital platforms websites and online marketing channels need to be optimised for a range of different devices. You can be sure that if your website is not mobile-ready and does not display in a user-friendly manner on mobile devices and tablets, that you are losing valuable traffic. Having this data available to you via SEO analytics gives you insights into how many visitors accessed your website from each device.


LocationsDo you know where you website traffic is coming from? Is the majority of your traffic coming from your specific country or city? If not, then there is SEO work to be done to get the desired results. If you don’t know or are not being given these results in your SEO analytics reports then you are missing out on extremely valuable insights and information. If it extremely important to monitor where you traffic is coming from to ensure that your message is reaching the right target audience in the correct location.


ConversionsEvery company wants to be able to justify web and SEO costs and work out their ROI but most companies don’t have access to the information required to do this. Once way of getting such information is to set up goals in SEO tools that track how many people completed a certain action that, dependant on your goal, could have resulted in a sale. Having access to this information can be the different between online success and failure and by having conversion information you know where you need to improve and what areas are yielding positive results.

Heat Map

Heat MapHeat maps are another under-utilised but extremely effective component of SEO analytics that give marketing teams great insight into user behavior. Heat maps also give you the opportunity to trials certain products and solutions and visually determine their success. The value that heat maps offer is that they are able to visually present visitor by showing what images, content, links, services or products are clicked on the most. Having access to this information lets you know what elements need to be utilised to increase conversions and what areas need attention.

Keyword Performance

KeywordsOne of the most important components in SEO analytics is that of keyword performance monitoring and tracking. People search for key words and key phrases which you build into your website and SEO strategy and knowing how your keywords are performing are vital the success of your search results. Keyword monitoring lets you know when a certain keyword ranking has dropped or picked up so that you are able to apply certain techniques to improve their rankings.

SEO analytics is not much different to other forms of analytics such as social media analytics, email marketing analytics and marketing analytics. All forms of analytics are there to help determine and gain insights into what activities, campaigns and activities work and which ones do not. It also provides information about what products or a service is excelling and allows decision makers to make accurate and informed decisions.

With many years of experience in SEO analytics, Savvy Sprout offers SEO analytics in Cape Town to businesses of all sizes. We also extend our services to business outside the Cape Town region to allow companies to get the information and insights they need to prosper.