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Marketing and design services offered by Savvy Sprout


Corporate branding and re-branding one of Savvy Sprout’s important services and is a crucial element in your marketing profile. Having a brand that brings across your business values in a trusting way is no easy task, and for that reason we highly suggest enlisting the services of a graphic designer or full service marketing company to make sure that you have a professional, integrated and reliable brand to promote future growth.

Online Marketing

Over the years, online marketing has grown into an element of your marketing mix that need to take top priority. Online marketing services offered by Savvy Sprout aim to increase your online presence to build a reputable brand with online visitors. Some key elements you can expect to see in online marketing services include social media management, search engine marketing, paid search marketing, online advertising, and many more.

Website Design

A top priority service for Savvy Sprout is website design. The reason for this is the ever-changing online landscape that requires that businesses meet strict and constantly changing standards to uphold search engine result listings. Website design is a very important component of both your branding activities as well as online marketing as it serves as your silent sales person and brand ambassador when you are not around to promote your business.

Full Service Marketing

Full service marketing is a service that Savvy Sprout offers to reduce frustration, coordination and wasted time when it comes to putting together and executing marketing campaigns. The full service marketing service takes away all the time you spend on managing marketing by overseeing the campaign for you, sourcing the best solutions and advising you on the best way forward, which allows you to focus on your business.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a highly skilled and desired service that gives your business the visual recognition and appeal to get people to remember your brand and keep returning. There are many different graphic design services that can be used to facilitate marketing campaigns and corporate branding. Some graphic design services include design for printing campaigns, graphic design for online advertising, stationary & collateral design, and many more.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most critical component of your online marketing portfolio. Without effective SEO you online visibility will be little to none, rendering all your time and money spend on online marketing useless. On the up-side, when done properly and in accordance with SEO principles and guidelines, the benefits are endless. Effective SEO gives you search listings that help you increase reach and credibility.

Social Media

Social media has become a major part of modern day living and has become an important element modern day marketing. People are starting to expect to see the personality of brands and want to interact with them in a social way that is both convenient and time-efficient. For the reason Savvy Sprout has a social media marketing management service in place that gives you the tools to control your brand’s public image.


Paid search marketing, also known as PPC, is a marketing activity whereby businesses pay a certain amount to appear as sponsored listing on search engine search results. This is a process that needs to be managed carefully as amounts are determined by bidding for positions and when done properly can render good results. This is also a great temporary service to use if you are waiting for SEO to start showing results.

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