Social Media Analytics

Gain control over your businesses social profiles with social media analytics

Keeping track of social performance with social media analytics

Social media analytics can help determine the social and interactive aspects of your business

Within the group of analytics tools included in marketing analytics comes social media analytics that brings together all your social statistics. Data that is gathered and compiled to make up social media analytics can be extremely useful to business that want to increase business decision accuracy and increase brand credibility.

First steps in social media analytics

The first step in social media analytics starts with determining business goals and how certain information that is gathered can facilitate goal completion. The most common business goals associated with social media include increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, minimising the cost of customer service and gathering first hand consumer experiences. Once you have you goals in place, social media analytics will give you a good indication if goals are being met, where more works needs to be done and what social media elements/channels should be utilised more.

Social Media Analytics - Pinterest

The second step to successful social media analytics is determining what social media channels and tools should be used. Each business is different as well as the industries they do business in. It is crucial to determine what social media channels are going to be beneficial to your business. It can be very easy to jump into all the available social channels, but with time it will become clear that a lot of time and effort was wasted on social media channels do not fit the business or industry. For this reason it is important to consider speaking to a social media marketing company, such as Savvy Sprout, to facilitate and advise on the appropriate channels and tools to use to get the best out of your social media marketing and social media analytics.

Social Media Analytics - TwitterOnce decisions have been reached regarding business goals and what channels to use, businesses need to put tools in place to be able to track social media successes and failures. Key performance Indicators (KPI’s) should be put in place to accurately report on goals and objectives and as well to see what areas may need additional attention. Some KPI’s may include the number of Facebook page likes, Twitter followers or hashtag interactions.

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Main social media analytics elements to consider for enhancing social media performance

Google lists 4 main elements that should be taken into consideration when determining your social media impact and success:


Social media is designed for interaction, sharing and conversation. In terms of your social media success it is important to be able to track and understand how visitors land up on your website and navigate.


Sharing content from your website results in visitors landing on your web pages to find out more. Adding strong call to actions and being able to track conversions help increase understand and profitability of social media.

Landing pages

Since the inception of social media, people have engaged, shared and discussed content and topics on these platforms. For a business it is important to be able to track these shares, discussions and interactions.


Adding social media add-ons and plugins to your website allows visitors to easily share information to their social channels directly from your website. These are also great tools to gauge interests and interactions.

How to make social media work with social media analytics

Anyone and any business can be involved in social media. Knowing what to do with these platforms, using social media analytics and acting on insights is what differentiates the average person or business using these platforms from the highly successful ones.

Listen to your audience

Your audience can give you valuable insights into your business, products and future direction. Analysing shares, likes, favourites, pins, etc. can give you an indication of the content and information your audience finds valuable. Your audience can also be a big factor in the future of your business or the development of new products or services. It is vital that businesses pay attention to these small changes in interactions to determine if they are still on the right track and should not be afraid to reach out to their audience to gain insights into and possible business or product developments.

Look beyond your own boundaries

When it comes to social media marketing and management it can be very easy to get so wrapped up in what’s happening around you that you forget about the greater social media community. It is important to take time out to see what competitors are doing and review any new social platforms to enhance your social portfolio.

Interests are more important than demographics

This may come as a shock to some but when it comes to social media and its success, topical and interesting information that feeds the interests of online followers is what makes social media successful. Through social media analytics it can become clear whether interesting information or demographics plays a greater role and this information should be used to build future social media campaigns.

Content is king

Successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online marketing campaigns are first and foremost built around high quality content. Getting SEO results is one thing, but being able to track those results is another. If you are creating high quality content, then that content should be shared on social media platforms to give this content to your followers. With social media analytics you are able to track the interaction with your content and determine what kind of content your followers are interested in and engage with.