Success Stories

Take a look at what Savvy Sprout customers have to say with our success stories

Success stories paint a picture of achievement

Savvy Sprout is a specialist marketing and design company that prides itself on providing services and finished solutions of the highest standards. With specialists in both marketing practices and all elements of design, Savvy Sprout is able to service all your marketing needs under one roof. You will no longer need to deal with multiple service providers, printers, and the to-and-fro associated with coordinating activities.

By using a company that can cater to all your marketing needs you not only reduce stress and time managing your campaigns, you save costs and build a relationship with a company that build you brand and take it to the level you need to grow. Our customer success stories tell a story of everything discussed above. Our success stories are geared towards giving you the proven benefits of using a single company to cater to all your needs. Additionally, our success stories highlight some of our happy customers as well as why they are satisfied with the services they received.

Savvy Sprout’s Customer success stories

Careline Success Story – Corporate Re-branding

The Careline Group is a Group of lifestyle companies – defining an aspirant, luxurious, quality lifestyle filled with beauty and joy. They needed a professional marketing, branding and design company to complete a re-branding project to create a platform for growth and expansion.

Safezone Africa Success Story – Corporate Branding

Safezone Africa is a new business that was launched and needed all the design and branding elements that make a great business. They approached Savvy Sprout for their entire range of corporate branding needs and were very impressed with the final results.

South Africans Abroad success story – Website design and corporate branding

South Africans Abroad is a brilliant concept developed by Rezeen Daniels whereby South Africans that are travelling abroad can go onto their interactive map website design and read interviews from other South Africans that have traveled to a specific country or city. The website also allows people to have their own say by answering a questionnaire and uploading some pictures of their travels.

The Images Group Success Story – Website Design

The Images Group approached Savvy Sprout for The Images Group website design as their existing website design one was outdated, difficult and expensive to maintain, and did not accurately reflect their brand values. By working extremely closely with members of The Images Group we got a very clear idea of what their needs a requirements were to give them a website design that exceeded their expectations.

Aloe Rock Technologies success story – Corporate branding

Aloe Rock was looking for a corporate branding and website design partner to get the business off the ground and memorable with its target audience. They main goal of the Aloe Rock Technologies corporate branding campaign was brand consistency so that no matter the point of contact the brand send the same message.