The Basics of Business Branding

Every business in existence wants to be a customer or prospects first choice, but how do you get people to think of your business over someone else’s? Business branding is the key and how you establish and maintain that brand is how you develop and preserve your loyal customer base.


At this point you might be wondering “what is branding?” or “how can branding benefit my small business?” To make it as simple as possible, your businesses branding is the element of your business that instills trust and delivers your business message to your customer and prospective customer base. Your brand creates a sense of expectation of what people can expect from your products or services as well as identifies differentiators between yourself and your competitors.


Establishing your business brand is no easy task or overnight activity – it takes a lot of introspection, thought and dedication to creatively, accurately and cleverly bring across your brand message. Here are some basics of business branding that will get your brand established:


Create a brand strategy and define your brand


When creating your businesses brand strategy and how you define your brand you need to take into consideration how, what, when, where, and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering your brand message. Along with these elements you need to think about your distribution channels and branding platforms to maximise reach and build a loyal following. Once you have figured out the how, what, when, where, to whom, channels and platforms, you are going to need to think about integration and how you are going to tie all these elements together to deliver a coherent brand.


Let your brand be different


This is something that has been discussed at large and is often mentioned, but is rarely put into practice. Through the brand creation and definition phase you would have decided what it is that you want your customers and prospects to remember you by. Falling into the usual look, feel and activities of millions of other businesses is not going to make you different. You need to think of innovative ways to make your brand unique and stand out in your industry.


Give you brand a visual identity


Once you have figured out what your businesses brand is about, what you want to achieve with your brand, and how your brand is going to help you build your business, you need to look into the visual elements of your brand. These elements include, among other, your logo, font, colour scheme, marketing and sales collateral, business documents and online marketing platforms. As with the creation phase of your brand it is vital to think about tying all your elements together as the integration of all your branding components and touch points is what is going to give your brand the reputation  reliability it needs to succeed.


Everyone here at Savvy Sprout understands that business branding is not easy, but we also understand that it is something that needs to be done. Our skilled online marketing and graphic design services are geared towards brand integration so that we can facilitate you with achieving the full potential of your businesses brand.



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