Your website needs to be a strategic lead generation tool, not just a public face of your brand


In modern day marketing your website is more often than not the first point of contact a potential customer will make with your business or brand. For this reason the design, layout, usability, searchability and content visitors are presented with is what makes the experience pleasurable and encourages interaction – ultimately leading to new business.


In order for visitors to feel that they want or need your high quality product or service there are a couple of things that need to be in place to make your website great enough for them to reach out to you. Remember that a pretty site will attract initial attention, but to keep your visitors attention you are going to need more.


Here are 5 ways you can turn your website into your best lead generator.


To get visitors your website needs to be searchable


If you can’t get people to find you then you are losing out on valuable traffic and leads. To get visitors to your platforms you need to have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) implemented throughout your website as well as have the SEO components regularly updated. Search engines are constantly updating search result results and algorithms, so to ensure you get visitors, and more importantly keep visitors, you need have a sound SEO strategy in place. Two major components that need your attention are on-page SEO and off-page SEO.


Visitors need to be able to visit your website anywhere and from any device


As the world become more digitised people are able to get the information they want from any device at any point in time from any location. If your website design is not responsive and does not cater for all the different devices out there then you are bound to increase your drop-off rate as a result of impractical usability. Have you visited a website that does not adjust according to your screen size and find yourself squinting to read the information or have to repetitively zoom in? If your design does not have built in responsive design then you can expect your visitors to do just that!


Let your website lead the way


It is great getting found and allowing people to view your website on any device, but without sensible navigation and layout design your visitors are going to feel lost. Your website needs to be designed in such a way that you lead your visitors. You do not want your visitors to click around to try and find the information they are after. To conquer this you should have a main navigation that resonates with your audience, if necessary a secondary navigation, a clear home page with products or solutions with on-page content and links that your audience may find useful. By giving your visitors a website design that makes sense and allows them to find the information they are after, you show that you understand your audience and their needs.


Your website needs to speak to your audience


In order for your website to be great, it needs to be filled with great content that is useful to your target audience. You need to give your visitors information that they are looking for to help them make the right choice – choosing your product/service over your competitors’. To deliver high quality content that is optimised for search results takes a lot of time and dedication. You need to take time to think about your messaging and make sure that it ties in with your overall marketing strategy. Copy writers are a great way to ensure your brand vision is upheld without you having to sacrifice any spare time you may have.


Websites need to be social and interactive


Your website, business, and brand need a personality. With the rise of social media in the digital age people expect brands to be social and interact with them. For this reason social media channels and digital platforms play a vital role in the overall effectiveness of your website. Besides the obvious benefit of visitors interacting with you, you also have the added Search Engine Optimisation benefits. Search engine algorithms have adapted to include social elements, so being social in the digital arena greatly benefits your business.


Your website and digital platforms are an extremely valuable tool in your marketing mix. The basis of successful marketing campaigns is you knowing your target audience, and it is no different when it comes to your website. Your marketing strategy and budget needs to allow for digital marketing developments and improvements in order for your business to start reaping the benefits of online marketing and great website design. If done properly and with the correct team of experts your website will render the results your business needs to boost growth.

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