We believe that through professional brand integration, strategy, design, and modern marketing techniques you can effectively reach new prospects and existing clients to increase your bottom line. No matter the project or campaign, here at Savvy Sprout we believe that getting to know you, your business strategies and vision is what drives results. For this reason, we value every second we take to research our clients, their products/services and competition. The result of meticulous research and fact finding allows us to deliver a service that not only meets the needs of the business, but facilitates and drives future growth.

We not only have a high work ethic – we are passionate about what we do. We believe that work ethic allows us to do our jobs well, but our passion is what brings us into the office over weekends and keeps us there after hours to ensure that our clients get more than what they bargained for. Our in-house team of specialists in Cape Town that specialise graphic design, website design, branding, and online marketing are able to control your brand to ensure consistency and uniformity in all your marketing efforts. Savvy Sprout has all the pieces of the puzzle to build, grow, maintain, and continually create and improve upon marketing strategies—all under one roof.



Use the internet as a powerful lead generation with long terms results and maximum exposure.


Run  targeted online advertising campaigns to maximise reach and campaign performance .


Keep your brand visible and relevant with controlled and targeted campaigns.


Create a digital experience that is pleasurable and memorable that leaves a lasting impression.


Generate unique, relevant and optimised content for both users and search engines.


Use every communication interaction as a branding platform to showcase your brand.


Create integrated digital marketing communication plans to achieve your online goals.


Stand out from the crowd with a brand that is unique and represents professionalism.


Our name is not a name that we picked from a name generator or names that were flung around the room. Savvy Sprout got a lot of careful thought and attention before being decided upon.

Savvy Sprout came about by realising the need of smaller businesses to get the big brand experience without the big brand budgets. Here at Savvy Sprout we believe that businesses of all sizes (yes, 1-man companies count!) should be afforded the opportunity to have a brand and digital presence. By creating packages and recommendations according to budgets we are able to assist even the smallest business with getting off the ground.

After many a debate and lots to consider, the name Savvy Sprout came about by joining 2 words that symbolise the vision of the company. These 2 word are Savvy and Sprout. When used in isolation one would would associate savvy with knowledge, practical understanding or proficiency; whereas one would associate sprout with growth or something that begins to grow. When these two words are put together to form Savvy Sprout the meaning behind the name becomes a little clearer – to help companies grow through knowledge, understanding and efficiency.

Who makes up the Savvy Sprout delivery team?

SEO/PPC Expert

Whether it be finding search volumes for keywords or key phrases, analysing visitor results or getting higher organic or paid rankings, our experienced SEO/PPC expert will be able to get you the results you need.

Social Media Expert

Social media can be a tough realm to master if it is not your core focus. We have a dedicated social media expert who posts, monitors, interacts and plans social media campaigns with a specific goal of achieving a certain goal.

Graphic Designer

Our graphic designer is the crucial link to achieving the visual effect our clients are looking for. With many years of experience in large corporates through to FMCG and start-ups, we are able to deliver according to spec.



Putting ideas, visions and goals into words can be a tongue tie. That’s why we offer our client professional and skilled copywriting skills to put out messages that compliment your brand and to create content with meaning.


Web Development

Designing a website is one thing, optimising code and creating custom effects on web designs is another. We have an expert web developer on board that can customise and develop to any requirements with speed and precision.


PR/Media Relations

Managing you brand in the plethora of digital channels, platforms and news syndications can be a real challenge. We have specialist and experienced establishments we work with to get you the best possivle brand exposure.


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