Corporate branding and re-branding

Give your corporate branding a new look and ensure brand consistency

Branding relates to how people feel about the company. Does the consumer trust the company? Is the consumer confident that the company will provide a quality product or service? These emotions apply to external factors that the corporate identity attempts to influence. A company may try to improve its image by changing its identity with the hope of altering its image with consumers. If your logo and brand have earned the consumer’s trust and confidence, then your business is in good standing for growth and profitability.

Give your corporate branding a new look and ensure brand consistency

Corporate branding is when a business uses the company name as the product or service brand name. More often than not, it requires skilled graphic design and online marketing services such as website design, SEO, PPC, Social Media, quality content and digital strategy to attractively and effectively bring across the businesses message. It can include a number of different touch points that include, among others, a company logo, corporate clothing, packaging, advertising, and stationary. The corporate image of your business needs to cover any means by which the general public can come into contact with you.

With the dawn of the digital age people have become increasingly interested in the people behind the brand and the ‘personality’ of the company they are trading with. For this reason it is vital that your business has brand consistency and that every possibly touch point portrays a positive brand with uniformity. Corporate branding is a fundamental focus at Savvy Sprout and we believe that brand consistency is a key factor in the future of your business.

Revive your brand with Corporate Re-Branding

Corporate re-branding is usually required when your company needs to update its positioning to stay current with competitors, market trends in your specific industry, shed negative images, differentiate from competitors, and create an entire new entity as a result of a merger. Corporate re-branding is also required for a new business, an existing business that is re-naming, or a business that needs to re-position itself in the market.

This is a process whereby you need to establish a brand that is coherent and accurately portrays your brand. The rebranding process is similar to the corporate branding process, in that we’re uncovering and putting a “face” on what makes you stand out from the crowd and why that “certain something” is fabulous. In this process, however, you have a few additional challenges to consider, including some as broad as evolving your thinking, and as specific as the logistics involved with the rollout.

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Mixing brand messages is a sure way to derail your companies re-branding efforts as well as the vision of the business that created the need for company-wide re-branding. Most companies have large quantities of existing collateral and messaging on numerous public platforms. To guarantee that your investment is successful you will need to ensure that your whole business is on board and supports your new strategy. All members of staff that carry your brand need to practice consistency and uniformity to make the transition as effective as possible from the old to the new.


If your company has an established brand and has been around for a number of years as is based in multiple locations, then you need to consider allowing several months to go through the re-branding process. Once your new look has been approved, from signage and display graphics to collateral and media, it takes careful planning to make sure your new brand is implemented without a hitch. As your new brand emerges, we also recommend PR and highly visual and targeted marketing campaigns to announce your new, fresh, modern and appropriate brand.


One of the most effective ways of establishing a new brand, revamping an existing brand or to improve overall branding effectiveness is to enlist the services of professional branding specialists, such as Cape Town based design company Savvy Sprout. We have been able to give a number of Cape Town businesses (as well as businesses throughout Africa) a new look that has been able to increase their brand visibility, improve public perception and increase staff morale. It is very important to note that branding and re-branding are activities that should not be pushed aside or taken lightly. Your brand is your business, so make sure you give it the time, investment and effort it needs to grow.

Evolve your brand with corporate re-branding

Evolution is inevitable in any company as it grows, and it’s only natural for a company to grow into their brand and become familiar and stuck with it. Sometimes what is needed to revitalize the business, its products and solutions, and ultimately its success is to freshen up it’s look and feel. Re-branding your corporate image requires thinking beyond what your company is at present and where it wants to go. For any of your branding activities to have an impact and be successful you must be ready and willing to let go of the things from the past—even some you may have felt were perfect—in order to take a step forward and create a modern brand that your target audience relates to. Here at Savvy Sprout we have all the necessary skills and experience to help make that process a little easier.

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