Ensure future growth with a strong online brand


Savvy Sprout understands that running a small business, or any size business for that matter, is tough. Running your business when you have endless amounts of information and many different marketing channels makes it even tougher. To thrive in the online arena there are a couple of tactics you need to take advantage of to make your branding stand out from the crown and get your brand to become recognised online.


Why should you build your online brand?


Getting to really know your customers and understand their needs allows you to be more relevant to their day-to-day business. Not in touch with your customers? If this is you then you can expect to not experience the return rate and customer loyalty you would like for your business to thrive. Building your brand online also builds brand awareness, brand loyalty and strengthens your reputation – all factors that contribute to your online success.


Be relevant to your target audience


Your brand, branding activities and online marketing strategy should be highly focused towards your target market. To make sure that your brand succeeds you need to:


Stand out in your market


There will be many competitors and competing news sources fighting against your brand for online dominance. To stand out you need to accurately portray your expertise and value proposition, explain in detail how you can solve problems as well as bring across how you can solve a problem, or meet a need, in a way your competitors can’t.


Ask for customer feedback


Trying to make your brand stand out is one thing, making sure you are achieving your brand goals is another. Make sure that you are able to reach out to your customer base to find out if your activities and content strategy is in line with their needs. Make sure that you are open to any suggestions and follow through with suggestions to show your appreciation.


Ensure consistent messaging


If your brand appears on multiple online marketing platforms then you have taken one step in the right direction to building your brand online. The more frequently your brand appears the more reliable and important your brand appears. But, for this to have any effect you need to ensure that all your marketing platforms send the same message and promote brand consistency. There are few things worse to a brand than sending out different messages or signals from different marketing platforms.


What should you avoid to ensure online brand growth?


There are many, many different online branding elements that need your careful time and attention to make your online brand a success. However, building up brand loyalty can be damaged at an instant if you do the wrong thing, make the wrong choices or become too hungry for success. To avoid your branding taking a pummel Savvy Sprout recommends that you make sure that you avoid frequent name changes, negative comments, false information, fake profiles, bad news coverage, complaint sites and corporate scandals. These are all contributing factors to bring a cloud of negativity over your brand – something you certainly don’t need.


If your brand needs some attention or an online boost then contact Savvy Sprout to see how a positive brand perception will benefit your business. Savvy Sprout specialises in brand creation, integration and management to ensure that your marketing message and brand values are carried through to all your branding activities with consistency and professionalism.

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