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Unleash your true online potential with strategic digital strategy that gives you direction, purpose and an end goal

No matter the form of marketing, having a plan and strategy is the key ingredient to overall campaign success. In the world of digital having a digital strategy and plan is even more important and the digital arena is often characterised by its dynamic nature with ever changing social media platforms, regular SEO algorithm updates, web design updates and increased number of online PR portals.

Being branding specialists, when we create digital strategies we do not only look at your direct needs and requirements. When creating a digital strategy we take a step back and look at your overall brand, your vision, target audience, goals and past as well as current marketing campaigns. Once we have all the facts and insights we proceed in compiling a digital strategy that is as unique as your business is.

The dangers of isolated marketing and digital efforts

Many businesses around the world are faced with the problem of having multiple social media channels, a static website, a blog that get updated once a quarter, random press releases, non-existent SEO management and sporadic PPC activities. Each of these digital platforms are very powerful in creating brand awareness, but when these activities or campaigns are carried out in isolation they are all destined for failure. The only way for your digital strategy to work and deliver results is by combining them and managing them from a single source.

Companies that pay careful attention to the needs of their target audience, that make an effort to integrate their marketing efforts and carefully select the most appropriate channels tend to reap the greatest rewards.

When companies embark on the journey to digital success they will very quick come to realise the importance of an integrated digital strategy as opposed to random marketing efforts. When you combine all your social media channels, have a dynamic website, have an interactive and active blog, compile a detailed content plan and sign up for SEO management with integrated PPC campaigns they almost immediately start realising the benefits.

Do you need some direction with your digital campaigns?


To get the best possible information and insights our digital marketing experts will work closely with the appropriate people and teams to see what is currently being done, what plans are in place, and what steps need to be taken to successfully implement a digital strategy throughout the business.


Having information is one thing, being able to translate that information into something practical and meaningful is where digital strategy experts come into play. To create a digital strategy that is effective and successful we will conceptualise ideas unique to your business until we find that sweet spot for maximum results.


Once your digital strategy has been conceptualised and all the elements and platforms agreed upon, we will create an actionable strategy that will be implemented, managed, tracked and reported on to give you all the information you need to realise campaign success and improve decision making accuracy.


Analytics, reporting, reviews and fine tuning all form part of the overall success of the digital strategy. Without these elements your efforts will go unnoticed and make justification almost impossible. To give you the best possible chance as success we provide you with all the insights, tools and data you may need.



Once your digital strategy has been created, implemented, and come to an end businesses need to review campaign successes. To conclude a digital strategy companies need to take a hard honest look at the results, tasks and activities to find areas of improvement to make future campaigns a strategies a success. It is not advised to jump from one strategy to the next without sufficient be0briefings.


You lack direction and goals

Many businesses currently function without a digital strategy and do not have clear cut goals for what they would like to achieve in the digital space. It is going to be very difficult to get new customers, build strong relationships with existing customers and achieve company-wide buy-in without defining digital goals and objectives. Without goals it also becomes more difficult to track progress and define successes.


You’re not optimising

Every company should have a website and should have a fully functional, modern and responsive website. Every company with a website should have access to analytics and detailed reporting to review and use for decision making. If you do not have access to detailed analytics, or even worse don’t have a website, then you are in desperate need of a digital strategy and detailed consultation to bring your marketing efforts in line with modern marketing practices.


You are targeting the wrong audience

Digital is one of the most measurable mediums in the marketing mix, but knowing what to do with analytics and data can be the difference between success and failure. Not having any analytics or reporting platforms in place is a recipe for disaster as there is no way of knowing anything about our digital performance.

Competitors are more visible than you

If you do not have a digital strategy with clear objectives and actionable tasks then you can be sure that your competitors will realise this and will not hesitate to take full advantage of this. If you lose out on digital market share then you are losing a major revenue stream and will very quickly start to feel the pain.


You have no integration

Putting your marketing efforts into silos and isolating them from one other is not going to get you anywhere. You also run the risk of losing integration efforts when using a different company for each digital function as one does not know what the other is doing. Integration and collaboration is the key to success. Digital strategies can start to become successful when all elements are integrated and talking to each other and sending out the same message.


Your business is not dynamic or agile

The digital world is characterised by being extremely dynamic and open to constant change, development and updates. Do you have an action plan in place if a new social media channel is launched or if there is a major search engine algorithm update? Developing a digital strategy will assist in removing some corporate rigidity and allow for some marketing flexibility to develop with the industry and always stay on top of developments and changes.


What are the most commonly asked questions around digital strategy?

Digital strategy needs to be devided into the 2 elements that make up the phrase. Digital refers to a set of tools and platofrms that can be used and strategy refers to creating actions with purpose. When these 2 are combined there can sometimes be confusion as the digital space is constantly evolving and also offers a lot of different combinations. When creating a strategy, thought needs to go into when what activity must take place, how often and on what platform. This can all become overwhelming, which is why we are here to help you.

Can our digital strategy be changed or adapted?
Yes. The digital strategy that Savvy Sprout creates and manages for you is flexible and allows for change. The digital arena is extremely dynamic and requires strategies that can follow the trends, developments and updates.
When will i start to see results from my digital strategy plan?
No two digital strategies are the same and no two clients have the same needs, requirements and marketing channels. There is, unfortunately, no answer to this question and the only guarantee that we can give you is that there will be a very close working relationship with transparency to stay on top of developments and maximize ROI. Other factors that determine the time-frame of results is your current digital network, internal view on digitization and marketing integration.
Do I need a digital strategy?
Yes, without a doubt. No matter your business, service, or product you need integrated digital efforts to grow your brand online to help achieve overall business goals. Without a digital strategy you could be marketing to the wrong audience, using the wrong platforms and wasting valuable time on activities that will not render results.
How often will I be updated or get report on the progress of my digital strategy?
Detailed monthly reporting is part of Savvy Sprout’s digital strategy solution. We believe that without detailed and regular feedback there is no way to track progress, update strategies or evaluate goals. We take reporting very seriously and provide extremely detailed digital marketing reports and discuss results to ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands all the information.
Why should I use Savvy Sprout to compile my digital strategy?
This is a very good question and we are happy to answer it. Savvy Sprout is an experienced and professional full service marketing company that specializes in multiple areas within marketing and design. We aim to provide smaller businesses with the big brand experience without the need to for brand budgets. By us being able to combine expertise from a number of different specialties we are able to put together a digital strategy that is not only catered to your unique business needs, but that also involves multiple marketing and design skills. Being able to incorporate those skills gives us an advantage over companies that tend to have special skills in social media (for instance) as with us you know that your digital strategy will be balanced and thought out.

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