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The development, evolution and ever increasing success of new marketing channels, such as social media, have relocated the focus of marketers’ attention and budgets. Email marketing has come to be known as a spam tool that can damage your brand, but in reality is one of the most effective marketing channels available if done correctly.

Contrary to many other marketing channels, email marketing is an incredibly credible, targeted and profitable channel that when combined with email marketing analytics can deliver results most channels couldn’t. The key to experiencing the benefits and seeing the results from email marketing is that all forms of electronic marketing needs to be permission based. This development has not only removed major spam players and elements; it has also given email marketing the platform it needs to succeed by not being spammy or heavily sales oriented.

Permission based marketing is an activity whereby companies get buy-in from customers and prospects to opt into receiving news, updates, promotions, etc. via email. Using opt-in lists as your foundation for email marketing provides you with a reader-base that has opted into receiving news and updates from you and not the other way round– increasing its effectiveness. If you are preparing and delivering content to your readers that is meeting their needs and encouraging interaction then email marketing will bypass all the clutter associated with many other marketing channels and deliver your message with accuracy and at a significantly lower cost.




When email marketing is integrated into marketing analytics tools and services, it becomes easier to determine the ROI of campaigns. By integrating campaigns with analytics you are able to determine in-depth analytics such as opens and click-through-rate as well as the number of conversions leading to sales as a result of email marketing.


As modern email marketing is opt-in based and sent to a subscriber base it has a fairly consistent and high reach. Even though open rates are not massive, the message is still delivered to a recipient for them to choose to open or not. Just the email delivery alone is enough to remind readers you exist and that they opted into receiving your content for a reason.


Due to the decisions made by readers to accept your information it is possible to have promotional campaigns that are more successful than other marketing channels. Many traditional marketing channels are hit-and-miss and social media has become inundated with promotions and ads, so if done correctly email marketing can be a great promotion tool.


Almost completely unique to email marketing is the ability for marketing campaigns to become personal and speak to readers directly. This form of marketing is private and is a direct interaction between you and your reader. Readers have the ability to contact you directly via communication addressed to them, which instils trust in the reader and your brand.


Email has been part of our lives for such a long time and is something that will not be going anywhere anytime soon. We are also extremely attached to email and letting it go would be close to impossible. For this reason email marketing has an extremely deep penetration rate with people receiving notifications and checking email multiple times a day.


If you compare social media marketing and email marketing you will quickly come to see that social media has a very short life span due to the amount of clutter in social feeds. Emails via email marketing, on the other hand, does not disappear or get lost in the thousands of daily social updates – it needs an actual action to be opened or physically deleted.


By offering unique content, services and offers to your email base you open up an additional channel for engagement. Your subscriber-base has opted into receiving information from you so it is important for you to be able to allow for interactions and engagements by not sending from “noreply” addresses and encouraging replies.


Email marketing analytics are critical to the overall success of email marketing in any business. Not having access to in-depth data such as open rate, click rate, bounces, unsubscribes, forwards, social interactions and complaints make it extremely difficult to analyse email marketing results and make it even more difficult to plan for and improve future campaigns.

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