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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a specialist online marketing skill that allows businesses to be indexed and shown in search engines based on search engine user inputs. To be able to rank high on these results, finding local a local Fish Hoek based SEO company is going to give you your best return.

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What is SEO?


SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, is the technical process of getting your website found online. When people are doing online searches for something they are looking for SEO comes into play. Not to be confused with PPC, also known as Pay Per Click, Paid Search Marketing, or digital advertising, SEO is organic in nature. This means you are not paying search engines for your search result listings.


SEO results are earned, and to earn top spots your website, pages and content needs to build trust. The easiest way to build trust is to cdo what search engines ask for and solve the user query at the same time. Sounds simple, right? No. Building your organic search trust profile takes time. It also requires technical knowledge and correct implementation to get right. It also means complying with search engine algorithm updates.

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Why do you need SEO?


Search Engine optimisation is a long-term digital marketing strategy. It allows you to rank for search queries without having to pay for top results, as is the case with ads. Organic search results shown off the back of correct SEO practices earns trust. organic results are widely accepted to be more trustworthy than paid results. Why? It’s simple. Because to rank organically you can’t simply put a number to it. You need to earn the trust of the search engine, and to earn Google’s trust is no easy feat.


Enlisting the services of a seasoned, experienced, and proven SEO Company is going to get you the best results. There are many fly-by-night, pop-up SEO agencies that promise the world. be wary of these companies that cannot deliver on their promise– wasting time and money.

What role does SEO content play in digital strategy?

How do you tell SEO companies apart? Which is the best digital partner for your business?


The SEO industry is large with a lot of option. Being able to choose a local Fish Hoek SEO company to work with is very important. Why? Local businesses are able to localise your digital marketing strategy for local success.


You want to look at a company’s track record and years of experience. Most importantly, read the companies “About Us” page to make sure they are legitimate. This will give you a good background story and highlight their years of existence. You do not want a digital partner with a digital presence that needs more work than you do.


You also want to make sure your new digital partner offers ALL SEO related services. Many small search companies will try to sell you SEO services when search is actually an element of wider digital strategy. Make sure your new Fish Hoek SEO company offers the full monty. This includes on-page & off-page SEO, copywriting, PPC advertising, social media management, auditing and wider digital strategy. This will ensure your SEO efforts are not isolated from the rest of your marketing plan.


Remember that looks impress! It is easy to get tricked by looks. When a professional, clean, modern website, coupled with experience and many years’ experience is on offer you know you have a winner. The question to ask yourself is “does my SEO company have a website that compliments my brand image and future strategy?”. Check if your new agency has invested in developing their own website. This will give you the assurance that you can rest assured they will do the same for yours.

Is your SEO company giving you data you understand?

How do I sign up for SEO management?


Signing up with your local Fish Hoek SEO company is a very easy process. But, there is a little bit of leg work needed from your end to get the best out of your search strategy. To sign up, simple send Savvy Sprout Digital Marketing Experts an email, or give us a call, and we will arrange a meet up. It is always best to meet face-to-face to best understand the bigger picture. This also allows you to get to know your new digital marketing partner a little better.


Once you have met, you can expect to have to complete a couple of forms. These will cover keywords and phrases, login details, lists of competitors, and others. That will form the foundation of the data from which the strategy evolves.

Then it is over to the SEO specialists to start going their thing. Tools are implemented and data shared. This is done to find the middle-ground between satisfying search engine requirements, end-user needs and company strategy. It is this middle-ground that is going to deliver the best return on your SEO investment. So, make sure your SEO agency knows how to do this.

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Why do you need a local Fish Hoek SEO Company?


When you decide to enlist the services of a proven, local SEO partner, you could realise quick results. Enlisting the services of a Fish Hoek SEO company gives you local knowledge and expertise. Many outside of the Fish Hoek area cannot provide such local insights. It also gives the opportunity to develop local talent and ensure all activities remain relevant to your local market.


The aded benefit of hiring a Fish Hoek agency is that you are able to expand your search strategy to wider reaching audiences. Experienced agencies, such as Savvy Sprout, have many, many years of SEO experience. This experience applies to wider audiences that can give global rankings but maintain local knowledge.

The additional benefit with hiring a Fish Hoek SEO company is that you get the added bonus of being able to expand your organic search strategy to wider reaching audiences. Experienced and provides local Fish Hoek SEO agencies, such as Savvy Sprout, have many, many years of SEO experience. This experience applies to the wider search community that can give you international search rankings, but with local knowledge and insights.

If you need any local Fish Hoek business insights, data research or competitive analysis then reach out to Savvy Sprout. We have been in existence since 2014. We have helped many businesses grow their online footprint. We are happy to consult with you on your ideas and guide you down the correct path. We often consult without billing as we ourselves abide by the give and gain approach. If you are a Fish Hoek business and need SEO services then please reach out to us and we will assist you.

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