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Savvy Sprout’s wide range of SEO Packages to cover all search needs

Make sure your search demands are met with the right SEO Package.

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex digital marketing task that requires extensive knowledge of the search engine landscape. It covers a very wide range of tasks and activities, that when combined, provide search engines with a big picture of what your website and content is about. It also shows search engines that you are actively working on complying with their requirements.

To be able to serve the widest possible range of businesses, we have created SEO packages that can help the smallest of start-up businesses get on the map, through to established businesses that are looking to squeeze out as much performance as possible. It is important for businesses to understand what they are looking to achieve from their search engine optimisation activities. SEO is not a tick-list time within the marketing mix. It needs a clear objective with an integrated strategy into the digital marketing plan.

Savvy Sprout is an experienced South Africa SEO agency that is based in Cape Town, Fish Hoek, that is results-oriented and data-backed. We guide our clients through the entire search process to promote an educated understanding of the industry and promote transparency. We are not an agency that hides behind reports or selectively chooses data. If there is an issue we will show you, but we also enable you to be able to understand data without having to wait for executive summaries.

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