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The Savvy Sprout SEO Packages are detailed in nature and cover all the main search engine requirements to be able to feature in search and grow your digital footprint.

To be able to build your online search profile you need a skilled, technical and experienced SEO agency or team to stay on top of industry changes and algorithm updates and implement requirements in line with published updates.

We also make sure that we stay on top of technical errors and core SEO functions. This allows us to build our search strategy on a strong foundation that is optimised in accordance with requirements. Once we are in the position to build and be proactive we can start to deploy the SEO strategy and use gathered data for accurate decision making.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, data and strategy and your 2 biggest friends. We build a strategy based on data and then use data to back up the strategy. We cannot use one without the other and although many agencies do that, we find this results in nothing more than thumb-sucking. It also becomes incredibly difficult to show ROI and develop a strategy that can spill over into wider marketing efforts.

We offer 4 main SEO Packages that cater to different kinds of business needs and these include:

  • Start-up: This package is best suited to small start-ups who need to get their foot in the door and optimise their local search as much as possible
  • Simple: A business that needs more than just the basics would opt for this package as it has more hours and more features that it covers
  • Standard: This is our sweet-spot package that gives all the features a business owner would need at a price that is very attractive
  • Comprehensive: Established businesses and businesses already working extensively on their SEO would benefit most from this package

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