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Once you have stepped out of the realm of being a very small, start-out business then your business needs more than just the basics. This applies to Search Engine Optimisation too. The Simple SEO Package from Savvy Sprout offers more than the entry-level, Start-up Package, by allocating more hours and including more items. One of those additional items is Google Business profile management, which is your 1st line of sight most often your businesses first impression on searchers.

What the Simple SEO Package offers growing small businesses is the ability to make data-driven decisions off the back of extremely detail ranking analysis, competitor analysing and a data-driven content strategy. At this point, strategy starts to evolve to be more inclusive of new content generation and away from optimisation and maintenance. Here we start being more proactive with activities and benchmark performance against competitors.


What’s included in the Simple SEO Package from Savvy Sprout?

  • Keyword Research
  • Number of Keywords & pages tracked:10
  • Keyword Analysis & Ranking
  • URL Redirect Management
  • Broken Link Checking
  • Meta Data Analysis
  • On- & Off-page SEO
  • Sitemap Integration
  • GA & Webmaster Tools Analysis
  • SEO Report: Basic
  • Strategy Meeting: Quarterly
  • Canonical URL’s
  • Ranking Analysis
  • 404 Monitoring
  • Google My Business Management

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Additional information

Additional info:

To ensure we get the best out of SEO efforts, we are going to need to ensure that the search strategy aligns with the marketing strategy and wider digital efforts. To be able to do this we look at all the elements in play as a collective whole and then decide how to best implement your search strategy to reach the correct target audience and have the best possible results.


To be able to complete SEO optimisation and maintenance we are going to need a few details from you. This ranges from website login details, server access, and 3rd party application such as analytics and tracking platforms. As the Simple SEO Package includes Google Business management, access to your Google Business profile is going to be required.


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