Tips and suggestions for the year ahead with SEO trends 2015


If you haven’t yet looked at your SEO plan for the year ahead or have a plan, but you are not quite sure if it is in line with SEO trends 2015 then spend some time reading through this article.


Since the introduction of web-based search, SEO has undergone changes that virtually render it unrecognisable. What made search engine optimisation successful 5 years ago no longer applies, and what didn’t work last year, may work this year or in the very near future. For SEO professionals, businesses and marketing teams to be successful in the search arena, it is becoming increasingly important to stay on top of changes, updates and penalties put in place by search engines. Google alone make hundreds of changes a year to their search algorithm (Google Algorithm Change History)!


This article, SEO trends 2015, is not meant to scare or overwhelm you with all the predicted changes. This article serves as a guide for business to use to ensure that they put together a sound SEO strategy, or review an existing strategy to ensure that all predicted elements are accounted for.


What to expect with SEO trends for 2015


Fundamentals won’t change


The basic principles of SEO have been around for decades and SEO trends 2015 indicate that those foundations will still be just as important moving into the future. The outcome of any marketing campaign, and it is no different with SEO, is dependent on two main factors: what people and businesses are saying about you (off-page SEO) and what you are saying about yourself and the products/services you offer (on-page SEO). There are a lot of technical nuances involved in each of these, but the basic principle will remain unchanged and should form the foundation for any and all SEO campaigns to stay up to date with ongoing search engine algorithm updates.


Mobile SEO becoming increasingly important


In 2014 Google announced that it started implementing tests to incorporate mobile user experience (UX) as a ranking signal. Since then they have stepped up and launched a Mobile test tool to give businesses insights into mobile UX compliance (Google launches mobile friendly test tool). SEO trends 2015 predicts that the future of mobile compatibility will become increasingly important and that websites without responsive design or a dedicated mobi site will start being negatively impacted. Read the “Google considers mobile user experience as a ranking factor” article


Increased focus on local search


Smaller businesses that want to increase their ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) will need to start focusing on optimising their websites, content and information. More attention will be placed on businesses with credible directory listings as well as local citations and brand mentions. All local content such as addresses, phone numbers, etc. need to be consistent among directory listings and ensure that content is aimed at local target audiences.


Optimising existing content


With the endless amounts of algorithm updates that are taking place, writers, businesses and marketers are going to need to re-look existing content and optimise that content to meet the requirements of new updates. With negative SEO on the rise, having old content that may result in a penalty is not worth it so the optimisation of existing content will be a big focus in 2015.


Strong content plans


Over the last couple of years content has been vowed as one of the most important search engine optimisation components. Having thin, duplicate or uninteresting content will not only render your efforts useless and without views, but it will also have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. 2015 will see more and more businesses and marketing teams realising the importance of a sound content plan. It will also be increasingly important to execute content plans as well as re-look/rejuvenate existing content.


Less emphasis on keywords and links


Over the last couple of years search engines have started placing less emphasis on keywords and link counts and shifted their focus towards link quality, content and architecture. SEO in 2015 will no doubt shift a little further away from the notion that keywords equal results and move closer to the quality of new and existing content.


Brand mentions


Due the excessive use and widespread abuse of link building techniques, there is an indication the Google may be placing more emphasis on brand mentions and citations. These are very difficult to manipulate and in the year to come you can expect to see many businesses measuring and tracking brand mentions. For a more in-depth look read the article Implied Links, Brand Mentions and the Future of SEO Link Building.


Social signals


As was the case in 2014, SEO in 2015 will continue to see social media flare up in SEO talk. With many search engines not commuting to using social signals in their algorithm, 2015 may be the year in which all this changes. If/when this happens social media may become a significant contributor to overall SEO success.


More than just Google


2014 saw a couple of changes in the online search world and 2015 will see even more action. All the hype in 2014 was largely due to Firefox signing a deal with Yahoo as their default browser. With Safari search’s deal with Apple coming to an end you can expect to see some more activity. There have also been rumours of Apple developing their own search engine, which may cause a stir in the search and SEO field in the year to come.


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