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The content that makes up your web pages, and ultimately your website, is what gets you listed on search engine result pages. Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content is what makes the content on your pages, blogs, articles, etc. worthy of getting higher ranking than a competitor with content that is not optimised. Along with the Search Engine Optimisation that needs to be present on pages with content comes the necessity for it to be good quality content that is relevant to your target audience and promotes sharing. SEO content can then be further improved through on-page search engine optimisation that ensure that all SEO elements on your page adhere to SEO best-practices.


Serve SEO Content that is relevant to your audience

People that are searching online search for terms and words they need specific and relevant information on. There are also certain search terms and keywords that are used a lot more than others. To make sure you retain visitors and make an impression you need to ensure that your SEO content is providing your audience with the information they need, content that is relevant and that matches what your audience searches for. Serving information that is not relevant to search results, does not satisfy a need or that is not unique and going to render SEO content activities useless. On-page SEO is an additional factor that needs to be considered when satisfying searchers’ needs as this optimises on-page content and structure.


SEO content that promotes social sharing

Making your content relevant to your target audience is very important! However, all the effort going into your SEO content will be of little use if it is not link-able, does not promote social sharing and does not promote your off-page search engine optimisation activities. Make sure that you do not deliver SEO content that is unique to logged in users or restrict reproduction/sharing of content as this may negatively influence your rankings.


SEO content needs to be high quality and unique content

To make all your SEO related activities pay off you need to make sure that you follow the number one rule of modern day search engine optimisation – have high quality and unique content. According to Google, to rank well in search results you need to have content that is useful and informative, is of higher value than other websites, promotes credibility, is of a very high quality and promotes engagement. Along with to-do’s to have SEO content that meets search engine requirements there are also no-no’s that may decrease the rank-ability of your pages. Some of those elements are errors in content, broken internal and external links, spelling mistakes, excessive amounts of ads and spam comments.

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High quality content

The single most important element of search engine optimisation is creating high quality, unique and sharable content. If the content you are creating resonates with your target audience, get people reading and sharing and evokes a sense of trust then all your other seo activities will very quickly fall into place. Creating unique content, however, can be a real challenge and it is advised to create content plans and strategies.

Keyword research

If your goal is to generate traffic to your website through search engines then you will need to make sure that you do your keyword research before you start generating your content. You want to make sure that your keywords are words/phrases that are actively being searched and that people are writing about.

Keyword optimisation

After you have selected the content for your keywords to optimise for search engines, you are going to need to know where, when and how to use those keywords throughout your content to increase the search-ability of your page. Our on-page search engine optimisation gives more information about on-page elements such as keywords.

Content structure

Generating high quality content isn’t enough to get your visitors to convert into customers. For your SEO content to make sense to both visitors and search engines it needs to be organised and structured in a logical way. Your goal should be to keep people on your website as long as possible and well organised content is one way to achieve this.

Content promotion

Your content is valuable and serves a specific purpose. For this content to reach your target audience you need to increase its visibility. The two main ways to increase the visibility of your content is by sharing it on social media platforms and paying careful attention to internal and external linking to ensure your content can be found.

What negatively influences your SEO content?

It takes a lot of time, patience, attention to detail and target audience understanding to make SEO content work and deliver desired results. All that time and effort that is being put into SEO content activities can be very easily be eradicated by making some critical errors that will result in your page/website being affected in a bad way.

Something that should never be present on your website is duplicate content. Duplicate content is content that appears on a specific web page that has already appeared elsewhere. This can be in the form of URL’s containing the same content, other web pages on the internet or internal duplicate content. This kind of negative SEO content makes it very difficult for search engines to determine which content is the most important. Since search engines will seldom deliver duplicate results it needs to determine what content is the most appropriate – putting you in the firing line to not have your pages listed.

Another bad practice when it comes to the content on your pages and website is keyword stuffing. In the past, you would have found web pages that are stuffed with the keyword that you searched for. Not only were they stuffed with those words, but they were also more than likely in bold and italic. This is an activity that is frowned upon and will get your pages and content penalised by search engines. The flow of content, as well as the keywords, present within that content, needs to appear natural and not come across as manipulation tactics to gain search rankings.


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