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Why sign up for an SEO package with competitive pricing from a Cape Town based SEO company?


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an increasingly demanding marketing tactic that requires specialist knowledge to comply with the constant changes in search engines algorithms. The choice of taking on SEO as an in-house activity is proving to be increasingly challenging as internal marketing resources get utilised in many other campaigns – removing the ability to focus on key on-page and off-page details that make SEO work.


To make the process easier on businesses in South Africa, and more specifically Cape Town, Savvy Sprout has put together 4 SEO packages with pricing to match a wide range of budgets and activities. These range from simple compliance package to manage the bare minimum to comply through to demanding and evolving websites with lots of fixes and/or new content that need to be maintained. Take a look at our range of SEO packages to find one that its your needs.

SEO Packages –  Pricing & Details:

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