Does your website need responsive design? The answer is YES!


Ever since the dawn of the smartphone and tablet, as well as increased global access to internet services, the use of these devices to surf the web has grown at an incredible speed. Smartphone and tablet users want to be able to find the information they need no matter where they are what device they are using and if your platforms aren’t optimised for this, then you could be losing valuable leads.


When it comes to user experience it is very unfortunate that so many users have to try and look at websites on their devices that are too big, small, or wide. These users find themselves having to constantly zoom in or out and scroll around the page to try and find what they are looking – a very frustrating task for someone who needs quick information.


What is the purpose of responsive website design?


The main purpose of having a website with responsive design is to have a single website that caters for all your users’ needs. You could have one fixed website design that works wonderfully on one device, but users on other devices are going to felt left out with a bad user experience. You can also have multiple ‘websites’ that are designed in different sizes, but this drastically increases the workload involved in delivering a complete website package. Therefore, having a single website that accommodates all users’ needs is what responsive website design brings to the table.


So, what is responsive website design and how does it work?


Responsive website design is a way of designing websites that allows for dynamic changes to take effect and alter the appearance of a specific website depending on the screen size of the user and its orientation. In websites with responsive design, page elements (content, images, call to actions, etc.) reshuffle and resize according the users screen size. This allows you to deliver your content in the most user friendly way to keep users on your site, hopefully leading to increased conversions. An example of how responsive web design works is if you took a website with a 3 column design will appear as the normal design on a desktop and notebook, but will shrink down to a 2 column version for tablets and a 1 column version for mobile devices.


If you are reading this article on a mobile device you will see that everything is spaced out correctly and there is no need for you to adjust zoom or scroll sideways – it just works. That’s because the Savvy Sprout website is a responsive website design that caters for visitors with any screen size. If you are not viewing this article on your mobile device then grab your phone and try it. It will be good to experience how your website should be adjusting to different screen sizes.


If you need some insight into how your website can be enhanced through the use of responsive website design then contact Savvy Sprout to see how we can help.

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