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Connect your business and get social with social media marketing

Social Media

Give your business a personality with Social Media Marketing

A rapidly growing and highly effective online marketing activity known as Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a marketing service offered by Savvy Sprout that aims to increase you website traffic, add a personality to your brand, increase your brand credibility and visibility, and open the door to social feedback.


Social media, as most people know by now, is an online platform that allows people to share news and information as well as interact with others. Social media gives people the ability to be social or have social interactions without having to be with a specific person or group. It allows you to start conversations, comment on other conversations, share pictures or personal updates, and more. Since the rise of social media there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of social platforms that have become available for people to use. A couple of examples of these platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg, Instagram, Google +, and YouTube.

Social Media Marketing, on the other hand, is social media that is targeted at businesses. Whether you are an advocate of social media or not you need to be aware that your customers and prospects are online and using social media channels. They are online and interacting on blogs, news portals and social media to get the information, commentary, and insights they need. If your business is not there to give them the platform for expression and commentary, then you can be sure that one of your competitors will.


In order for your social media marketing campaigns to be successful and have the desired outcome you need to remember that social media marketing is used to strengthen and boost your existing brand. Social media marketing is not a tool to base your brand or marketing campaign on. You need to use social media marketing as an extension of everything else your business does and create a voice for your business to support customers and lure new prospects. This is where the expertise of Savvy Sprout offers your business great benefits.

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Social Media Relationships


Social Media Marketing encourages relationships and relationship building. Your existing customer base and potential customer base is your bread and butter so having strong relationship ensures that you retain customer and convert leads. Social Media Marketing gives you the opportunity to develop and strengthen these relationships through interaction and sharing information that is of interest to them.

Social Media Brand Awareness


Social Media Marketing increases brand awareness, brand credibility, as well as trust in your brand. By having the ability to spread information quickly and efficiently you are able to get your message out to your target audience at a fraction of the cost of more traditional marketing methods. Social Media Marketing is also highly configurable so you have the ability to accurately target people that fall into your target audience.

Social Media Feedback Icon


Social Media Marketing is the perfect platform for your business to get feedback and gain insights from your target audience. If you are listening for the right cues and taking in feedback from your audience, social media marketing can become a priceless activity. It can also serve as an early warning system about aspects of your business that need attention that you otherwise would have found out once it’s too late.

Social Media Integration


Social Media Marketing is an online marketing activity that needs to be fully integrated into your existing marketing mix. By doing so, you create a consistent experience for your audience that seamlessly integrates with other marketing, branding, and PR activities. For this reason is it important to try and integrate social media marketing as soon as possible so that your audience can benefit from multiple touch points.